What Is Lifestyle Branding in 2022? (Top Lifestyle Brand Examples)

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free download and the link is in the description   now no matter what way you slice it and dice
it brands and everything they do is designed   to get more people to buy more stuff that’s pretty
much what it’s about no matter what way you cut it   now there are different ways that brands do
that you have some brands that use aggressive   sales tactics and really jam their products and
services down the necks of their audience and   then you have lifestyle brands that use a much
softer approach that’s much more warmly welcomed   by their audience so what is a lifestyle brand
well before we dive into the nitty-gritty details   of this tactic let’s define what it is and exactly
what it means a lifestyle brand is a brand that   promotes their audience’s desirable lifestyle as
a primary method of resonating with who they are   and what they want so what lifestyle brands do is
they create this image of the perfect lifestyle   and what that actually does is it hacks into this
yearning desire for something more for something   better and we all really have that we
all have this desire to be a better   version of ourselves and to have
that perfect life so lifestyle brands   really put the lifestyle on the pedestal and lead
with that lifestyle and that is an edge that they   have over other brands that focus on products
and services and product and service branding   really can’t compete with that desirable lifestyle
that lifestyle brands promote so lifestyle   branding and lifestyle brand strategies are all
about creating this framework and defining exactly   what the brand wants to communicate around
the lifestyle that their audience desires so a   lifestyle brand strategy defines who the audience
is the desirable lifestyle they want the method   to communicate this lifestyle the associations it
will align with the experiences it will provide   and how it will help them to achieve it so
defining these elements provides lifestyle brands   with a tool to be able to paint a vivid picture of
what that lifestyle looks how it’s going to make   them feel and what they need to do in order to
get it so why is lifestyle branding so effective   well as I mentioned earlier it really plays
on that primitive desire that primitive desire   to be a better version of ourselves and to have
that perfect life now there are different levels   to this because everybody is different we all have
different desires and a perfect life to one person   is completely different to the perfect life to
another person on one hand you might have somebody   who has this desire for a successful business
life a successful career they want a house in   the suburbs with a pool with a beautiful wife with
kids going to private school and playing golf on   the weekend that’s a perfect life to one person
but for another person they might want to be able   to travel the world to be able to live frugally
not have to work too hard to be able to work as   few hours in the day or week as possible and to
be able to travel from country to country being   completely independent so they are the variations
of what lifestyle branding is like and when   you know who your audience is and when you know
exactly what they want and exactly the lifestyle   they desire that is when you can really resonate
with them by painting a picture and getting into   granular detail of what that lifestyle looks
like you will attract that perfect type of   audience that audience which will be drawn to the
lifestyle and the image of the lifestyle that you   create for them so let’s have a look at an example
of a lifestyle brand now red bull in my opinion   is a perfect example of a lifestyle brand because
red bull remember they sell sugar water they sell   sugar water that gives you energy now they went
into the market and they had a blank slate because   they essentially created a new category so they
could become anything that they wanted to become   um what they wanted to become and what they wanted
to align with was the idea of extreme because   extreme taps into that idea of adrenaline and
energy so they didn’t just align themselves with   extreme sports they really put themselves into the
fabric of the culture they started creating events   and capturing media and really showing up at every
single extreme sport event and they focused not   on promoting the product but on promoting the
lifestyle of extreme sports now another great   example of a lifestyle brand is patagonia now
patagonia was created in 1973 by Yvon Chouinard   now Chouinard was an avid climber and he just
absolutely loved the outdoors and that is the   spirit under which patagonia was created and it’s
instilled right throughout the brand today all   their communication and all of their activities
in the background really aligns with this idea and   this belief in having a spiritual connection with
nature really having that appreciation and respect   for nature and that is the lifestyle that they
promote they promote to their audience getting out   into nature appreciating that natural lifestyle
and really appreciating what nature has to offer   now as I’ve said before there is no getting
around the idea that everything a brand does   is designed to sell more stuff to more people but
a lifestyle brand approaches this in a different   way they paint this vivid image of this desired
life and in doing that they really connect on an   emotional level with those deep desires as to who
this person wants to become and the better life   that they have so creating that image not only
really resonates with them on an emotional level   it tells them that you understand exactly who they
are and if you do it well enough you might just be   the brand that they adopt to help them get there
now if you want to dive deeper into lifestyle   branding and learn how to create a lifestyle
brand for yourself or for your client then   this video will help you out until next time brand
like a master and i’ll see you in the next video

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