Make Your Job More Spiritually Rewarding!

Traditionally, humans have not worked exclusively for a paycheck; there is a sense of purpose in their career, providing nourishment for the soul.

With the seemingly endless movement of workers in and out of employment, one of the biggest hurdles facing professionals today is a growing sense of estrangement. Workplaces become more automated by computer programs or robots, and massive layoffs are making organizations increasingly dehumanized.

Everyone is affected by this trend-both those inside and outside the office place. Traditionally, humans have not worked exclusively for a paycheck; there is a sense of purpose in their career, providing nourishment for the soul. Encouraging relationships are formed, and there is a sense of meaning through their occupations.

But all that is changing! What is happening is a measure of soullessness, transforming workers into mindless robots, replaceable as parts in a mighty machine.

There are ways to reverse this troubling trend, and to bring back the joy in your life through meaningful work.

Employment and Spirituality

Humans have always lived for a purpose. Having goals is the primary way to influence someone’s life, through personal growth. We are also highly spiritual beings, and most of us believe that there is something greater than ourselves; we search for an Ultimate Truth.

Spirituality must not be confused with religion; we do not necessarily look for a superior being, only for deeper meaning to our lives. It is a common quest-the search for a reason why.

Religion is a vehicle for spirituality, not spirituality itself. In fact, it can sometimes get in the way of achieving enlightenment. The rules and constraints of most of the world’s religions can be barriers to true understanding of nature, where a pressure to conform plays to the lowest common denominator.

What we need for proper spirituality is to listen to our own hearts and minds. Carefully examine this self-reflection, because we all have a responsibility to ourselves to connect to the universal. It is the foundation of spirituality.

Engaging work can be a spiritual experience. That is why we refer to it as a “calling.” It raises us up from the ordinary and mundane, gives us encouragement and fills our soul with value. Nourishing our soul is an inherent need; it is the meaning of life! Unfortunately, in today’s society this is discarded when we work exclusively for a paycheck.

Finding a course that is relevant can be difficult, especially in this economic climate. Priority is now given to pure economics, and it is increasingly becoming the only reason to work.

How many people do you know that answer, “I only work for the paycheck.” I am sure it is significantly more than in the past.

Yes, it’s true!

We are becoming an increasingly mercenary workforce. In this transformation from enthusiastic service to economic mercenaries, we have given up an essential part of ourselves. It leaves us empty inside, and makes itself known through frequent physical complaints. Insomnia, anxiety, physical and emotional trauma are all on the rise in society. Some people already predisposed to health problems for a variety of reasons-such as African-Americans-are particularly at risk of work-related ailments.

Amount of money does not make it any better, either! It may even make it worse.


How can we work at something that is free from harmful energy, and nourishing to our spirits? The answer could be exceedingly easy. Deep inside, weknow what needs to be done, but somehow we wait. Here are a few suggestions get you started:

  • Look back to a time when you were engaged in your work. Even if it was just a flash, try to remember when there was a joy to your employment history. Is there a common theme or structure? It may be a clue.
  • Identify what gives you a sense of pride in your current job. See how those tasks can be reorganized so you can do them more often. Find your calling… so to speak.
  • Set an appointment with your immediate supervisor, to see if a reassignment can happen. Prepare a business plan and outline any changes that can be made. Make sure you shape your choice so it benefits your organization; you have to prove it as a win-win environment for them. Explain it clearly!
  • Make sure any current projects or workload is completed quickly and satisfactorily. However, if you make your case well enough, you may have some latitude. Your employer may set you up quickly. Remember, you are shifting gears!
  • Once you sell your employer on your redefined job description, look to be assigned more jobs in line with the changes.

If you are not successful in convincing your boss, look around your company for other opportunities-such as a transfer to a different department. If that is not possible, begin searching outside your company.

Don’t blame your job for a lack of spiritual fulfillment; it is not your employer’s position to give you wisdom! This is a sign of victimization, and is entirely counterproductive.

Take control of your own spirituality and check your destiny. If changes need to be made to make your job more rewarding, don’t wait-do it NOW!

Source by Ezra Mills

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